Most terrrible Foods Arou nd the World


One of the most thrilling and enriching types of travelling is trying the different cuisines from around the world. There is nothing like exampling  the local and original delicacies to tickle your taste buds. however, it’s one thing to sample local delicacies, it is another to try some foods that could cause you hurt.

There are numerous foods around the world that, if they are not prepared appropriately , could cause impending problems, and may even cause death in some cases.

Below are 9 of the most unsafe foods from around the world:

1. Ackee

This fruit is very known  loved in Jamaica. It must only be consume when it is completely ripe, while properly prepared and without the toxic seeds. The seeds contain poisonous substances that can cause retch.

2. Absinthe

This sweet drink is made from anise, woodworm, and fennel. Woodworm contains a chemical that contains psychoactive properties, and may cause serious mentals problems

3. Blood Clams

All clams bleed, but most of them contain clear blood, so it seems like thick water. so, Blood Clams contains hemoglobin, hence , their blood is red, like ours.

And like our blood, Blood Clams may carry diseases of the blood, like typhoid, hepatitis, and dysentery. This is because Blood clams live in low-oxygen atmosphere where a lot of bacteria and viruses thrive. 

Blood clams filter about 40 liters of sea water per day, and the water is dirty, like in most of China, the clams reduce these harmful bacteria and viruses, such as dysentery, typhoid, or hepatitis.

4. Cassava

A certain variety of cassava known as manioc,that is discoverd in South America and Africa, must be cooked thoroughly and apropriately prepared. Raw cassava contains a toxic substance known as linamarin that get cyanide if consume raw.

5. Cashews

Have you ever tried to get a cashew out of its shell? likely not, because cashews are never sold raw in the brief. This is because cashews contain anacardic acid, which is the similar chemical irritant that makes poison ivy unsafe.

The “poison” is in the oil of the shell, and not in thenut itself. hence, when it comes out of the shell the nut is covered in the stuff. Handling the shell, while consuming the raw nut can cause a reaction.

To make it safe to eat, the nut is roasted to get rif of the acids in the shell oil. But, it has to be done at high sufficient temperature.


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