Top 5 Practical steps to prevent Yourself from mosquitoes


We all begin to worry about mosquitoes, especially the dengue-causing one, as soon as the monsoon season starts. Sometimes just a single bite can turn fatal. 

Dengue is designed by muscle soreness, fever, weakness, and body pain. Dengue recovery is not easy. nevertheless, there are ways you can stay protected. Below is a real guide to prevent problems:

Dengue Prevention advices:

1. Use Mosquito Repellent (If possible, one containing DEET)

  • Apply the mosquito repellent to exposed skin and/or dessing, using enough to cover the all  area. You do not to apply it under clothing.
  • Do not put near the mouth or eyes, and apply sparingly approximately ears.
  • Do not apply it on injury cuts, or irritated skin.
  • while using sprays, never spray directly onto your face. Spray it on your hands first, then apply it to your face.then   Wash your hands afterwards.
  • Do not apply an insect repellent for infants under two months of age
  • Do not allow children to tackles  a mosquito repellent. When using it on children, apply into your own hands first, then apply it on the child. Avoid applying it into kid’s hands.

2. Keep Dustbins Covered and flawless

Dustbins that are covered in germs bring mosquitoes, and as well make you vulnerable to catching an infection. Regularly wash the corners of your house and the places around your garden area.

3. dressing Full-Sleeved Clothing

Since your legs and hands are an easy target for the mosquitoes to bite you, the simplest, yet practical way to save yourself is to wear loose, full-sleeved dressing.

4. Remove Standing Water

The biggest cause for germs and mosquitoes and germs to breed during the rainy season time is when the water starts to collect, thereby, allowing them to put eggs. 

hence, a well preventive step would be to clean buckets, plants, and any such space where water can stand. Also, do not over water your plants where the dengue mosquitoes can breed.

5. Plant Mosquito Repelling Plants

An effective methods to repel the mosquitoes would be by preserving special dengue preventing plants. These include citronella, Tulsi plants, and lemongrass would be some good choices to consider.


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